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SDMRC homepage.

Welcome to then SDMRC Wiki
This openly editable wiki has been created to allow researchers the sharing of information on model systems for human myopathies, available cell lines, or information on small molecule libraries. The methods and protocol database is another integral part of this website. We hope that SDMRC associated scientists and researchers take advantage of this system, and add valuable information that they would like to share amongst themselves, and with the wider research community.

Contribute to the SDMRC Wiki

Because of recent website abuses, we have deactivated the automatic user creation feature.
Please contact to gain access to this site.

Available SDMRC Resources Pages

  1. a list of available model organisms for the investigation of myopathies,
  2. a list of available cell lines,
  3. a list of available small molecule libraries for screening,
  4. a methods and protocol database,
  5. a database for external research funding,
  6. a list of job opportunities for scientists and students.

If you edit the SDMRC Wiki site (add/edit/amend content), please make sure not to upload copyrighted material.
Contact us at if you have questions.
Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.